Pressure Therapy – Lymphatic Drainage


Pressure therapy is the application of positive pressure to produce a vacuum on the area stimulated exerted using compressors designed to adapt to different areas of the body which introduces air at a fixed or alternate pressure.

The circulatory system improves circulation and allows remove metal, waste beneficial to balance blood pressure.

Digestive system: It helps relax the abdominal and intestinal muscles.

Muscular system: Stimulates, tones muscles and joints, relieves fatigue stress better.

Body Skin: Massage by increasing the blood supply nourishes the tissues promoting cell renewal.


  • Helps the prevention and correction of cellulite
  • Body molding (buttocks, legs, arms and abdomen)
  • Complement treatments of reduction measures and treatment of vacuum therapy
  • PreyPos liposuction, tummy tuck
  • Treatment Post birth
  • Overweight

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